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PageBake uses a block approach to building websites. Use pre-designed blocks (HTML elements grouped together) to built unlimited unique pages.

PageBake Introduction

Build static HTML websites by combining pre-designed blocks together and export your site or publish it to our server (YOURSITE.pagebake.com).

Build with an intuitive drag&drop interface which allows you to put page and entire sites together swiftly. Once you are happy with your site, simply pubish out to PageBake.com or export your site to use elsewhere!

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PageBake takes a block oriented approach to building web pages and web sites. What this is means is that PageBake provides the user with a selection of pre-designed blocks, such as headers, content sections, forms, footers, etc. which are combined onto a canvas to create fully functional web page.

Our easy to use and intuitive drag and drop interface allows for quick site building. Use the left sidebar to select your blocks and drag them onto the canvas. Once dropped onto the canvas, blocks can easily be re-ordered using the same drag and drop functionality.

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Website Builder Responsive
All sites built with PageBake are 100% responsive. That means your new site will look great on mobile devices and desktop browsers. Marketing your product or services across the board has never been easier!
All blocks used in PageBake are professionally crafted and designed HTML blocks. Simply swicth out content with your own including images, videos, and text. More professionally designed blocks coming soon!
We provide videos and documentation to help you every step of the way. Need further help? Our tech support can help answer questions on building your site or page.
Many more features are planned for PageBake. From custom domains, publishing options, more blocks and multiple sites under one account. All of these will be free to our current subscribers!

Perfect for a quick professional looking site

PageBake is the quick, fast builder for a professional presence on the web!

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PageBake Features


PageBake uses a block approach to building websites. Use pre-designed blocks (HTML elements grouped together) to built unlimited unique pages.

Edit Pages

Besides the drag&drop interface, PageBake allows you to customise your pages by editing things like content, images (using an image library), styling and links.

Site Export

Once your happy with the site you've built, simply use the export function to export all your pages including assets like CSS, Javascript and images.

Drag & Drop

Use our highly advanced drag&drop interface to easily build your pages. Choose from the wide selection of pre-designed elements or blocks!

HTML Editor

PageBake does not use any complex template structure making it a pain to import/export sites. We stick with sweet ol' HTML, making it super easy to import/export and delivering ultimate design freedom!

Live Site Publishing

Instead of exporting your site, you can also publish your entire site to our live server, PageBake, from within the application. Simply click publish and you are all set!

PageBake HTML Blocks

Professionally Designed HTML Blocks

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PageBake Basic*

  • Easy to use drag & drop builder
  • 44 professionally designed blocks (more to come)
  • Edit images, links, styles and content
  • Export your site including all assets like Javascript files, CSS files and images.
  • Clear and concise documentation
  • Publish to YOURSITE.pagebake.com
*Please no adult sites, or questionable material. Sites can be disabled from PageBake's admin if not approved
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